My name is Paul, Paul Kabikoff or Pavel Kabikov. My nick is bitMan.

  • Experience in web development using various RDBMS on MS Windows NT platform with VBSCript
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Stored procedures development for MS SQL & Oracle.
  • Graphic programs skills;
  • Working knowledge of client and server side scripting languages;
  • Web site administration experience;

  • Hardware: PC, IBM PS/2, ALR, HP & UMAX scanners
  • Operating systems: Windows NT, Unix (Linux & FreeBSD), DOS, BeOS, Windows 95-98
  • Software: Internet Information Server, MS SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, Allaire HomeSite, Visual Source Safe, MS Visual C++, Sybase Power Designer
  • Languages: HTML, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, C/C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL
  • GUI Tools: Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Image Ready, MS GIF animator, GIF Construction Set, Debabilizer Pro,
  • Ulead Smart Saver Pro
  • Administration: Internet Information Server, MS SQL server, Windows NT

  • 07/99 - ... Off Site Development LLC http://www.offsitedev.com/ Web Developer,
    Team player and Project manager for some projects.

    ASP & HTML pages for www.ivolatility.com
    Site templates for www.russianfoods.com
    ASP & HTML pages for www.fragrancewish.com
    ASP & HTML pages for www.derivativesStrategy.com ("Derivatives.com")
    HTML & JavaScript for www.offsitedev.com
    Software used: Allaire HomeSite 4.xx, MS SQL Server 7.X, MS IIS 4.0 - 5.0, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady

  • 03/99 07/99 Web-studio AlterMedia http://www.am.ru/ Moscow, Russia. Web Developer
    HTML code and graphic optimization for AlterMedia portolio, JavaScript code for site navigation, Intel IPI Net site support (web & B to B) http://www.intel.ru Developing ASP pages and SQL stored procedures for L&A Company http://www.la.ru (team based development with Visual Source Safe) Used tools: Allaire HomeSite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Ulead SmartSaver Pro, Microsoft SQL server 6.5

  • 11/98 03/99 Alean ltd. , Moscow, Russia. Web-developer, designer
    Create graphics, design and create web-pages, design and build SQL tables and C programs for web page generation. Created templates for http://www.alean.ru and http://www.alean.ru/ib Software used: Oracle RDBMS, IIS 4.0, MS Visual C++, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Allaire HomeSite

  • 08/97 11/98 VympelCom JSC http://www.vimpelcom.com/ Moscow, Russia. Web Developer
    Developing Active Server Pages for web and intranet. HTML coding, creating graphics Software: MS SQL Server 6.5, IIS 3.0-4.0, MultiEdit, Allaire HomeSite, Adobe Photoshop


  • Microsoft Certified Professional Systems Engineer, 1999
  • Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet, 1999
  • Microsoft Certified Professional, 1999
  • BS Computer Science. Moscow State University of Communications, Russia. 1995.
Contact information:Home phone: +7 (095) 191 30 84
Mobile phone: +7 (095) 774 21 38
E-Mail: paul@coolsite.net


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